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Bohol island Vol.1

We went to Bohol island few days ago.

There’re 2 ports in Bohol, one is the nearest port from Cebu Tubigon, and another one is the biggest port Tagbilaran.

We used “Ocean Craft” to Tubigon port. It takes about 1hour from pier1 in Cebu city to Tubigon.

The boat fee is only 210peso/adult. (179peso/student)

IMG_0003 IMG_0006 IMG_0013


After arriving at Tubigon, we charter the van whole day.

We listed up some spots in advance and driver arranged the schedule according to our list.


– Chocolatehills –


It’s well known for more than 1000 conical mountains.

In summer, the color turn brown and chocolatehills was named after it.

The admission fee is 50peso.

After we go upstairs, mysterious and beautiful scenery has spread out before my eyes.


-Man Made Forest-


This forest is an artificial forest.

People planted  mahogany trees more than 2km.


-Ship house –


This’s not so famous as a sightseeing spot, but one of my teacher who is from Bohol recommend me it.

The building looks real ship and appearance is so cute. We didn’t enter inside the build, but if you want to enter, 20peso admission fee is required.


– Tarsier Park-

Tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world.

Even adult tariser, their weight is ledd than 120g, and length is less than 12cm.

They’re endangers species and very sensitive, so we’re not allowed to touch them and take photos with flash, and speak loudly.

DSC_3425 IMG_0076

One of Tarsier’s charm is their big eyes but we can’t see it every time.

Because Tarsiers are nocturnal in habit, and they sleep at daytime.

IMG_0066  IMG_0079


There’s the souvenir shops inside this area.

We can buy key charm and stuffed animal, and also make original T-shirts.

IMG_0083 IMG_0084

To be continued to “Bohol island vol.2“♪







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