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Tasteful rows of houses Togo district

Togo district is located in east of Fukui city. It’s small peaceful town which population is about 4,000.

The tasteful rows of houses remain the atmosphere that flourished as a post-town long time ago,

and it still keep the beautiful scenery even now.


It takes 3 minutes by car from Fukui I. C. on Hokuriku expressway, and 20 minutes from central Fukui.

Also, you can take JR Etsumi Hokusen line (it takes 15 minutes from Fukui station) and Keifuku buss.

You can easily visit this beautiful country side Togo district.



This is the “Echizen Togo station” of JR Etsumi Hokusen line. It’s unmanned station, but it usual in Fukui.

DSC02892 DSC02895

This is timetable. Train stop here less than 10 times a day‼! It’s also usual in Fukui.



Anyway, Togo has attracted more and more attention as  nice sight seeing place‼

Togo district is very near from “Ichijodani Asakura Clans Ruins“which is one of the most famous spot, so you can explore Togo after you visit Asakura Clains Ruins.

Also they have beautiful nature, old rows of houses, delicious Sake and rice in this area.


At first, I visited “Kobiri an” which is restaurant & antenna shops♪

DSC02901 DSC02950

(Open 10:00-17:00 Cafe / 11:30-13:30 Lunch /17:00-22:00 Dinner)

You can order coffee, Tonkatsu lunch, flied fish lunch, raw fish lunch and more…


The fresh vegetables and rice are harvested in Togo area.

And you can buy some Sake made in Togo and local products.

These clear files are made from Echizen washi (Japanese paper). Is’s popular for foreign people.

DSC02898 DSC02899 DSC02900



After leaving Kobiri an, I explored the Togo district.


Doden river is the symbol of Togo.

There’re some benches on the riverside. It’s really nice to take a rest during cycling and walking.

DSC02903 DSC02905 DSC02924

A lot of flower are blooming along the river. They’re so cute♡

Big carps are swimming  in this clear water. You can buy there food in front of “Atarashiya” and feed them♪

DSC02929 DSC02934 DSC02944

At Doden river, some events (Floating restaurant, concert, light up…)are held through year.



“Atarashiya”・・This old house was built in the early Showa era (around 1930), and repaired by local people.



There are old Sake brewers. The oldest one was established sine 1853!! Their sake is really  nice because the water here is very fresh & rich.

DSC02913  DSC02917  DSC02930


There’re many temples around here.

DSC02908  DSC02939 DSC02936

Police office and post seemed different from latest ones. They match the old scenery.

DSC02945 DSC02935

This is the signpost which was used when here was flourish as a post-town in Edo era.


Beautiful landscape of countryside ♡

DSC02921 DSC02922





Togo district has wonderful scenery of beautiful nature and Japanese country side.

Why don’t you feel the atmosphere of old Japan?♡






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