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Dinosaur museum in Dinosaur Land Fukui

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is the one of the most popular spot in Fukui.

People call Fukui “Dinosaur land” because the number of dinosaurs discovered in Fukui is greater than anywhere in Japan.

This is the biggest scale as the museum that displays materials about dinosaur in Japan,

And it’s the one of the world’s top three dinosaur museum!!


The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is located in Katsuyama city.

More than 80% of fossil were found in Fukui, especially Katsuyama.

50 minutes far from central Fukui.♪




On the way to the dinosaur museum, a big monument “White saurus” is waiting for us.

Its height is 6 m and length is 17.5m!! How huge!!!



This is the entrance to the parking.

P1020028 P1020030

You can find many dinosaur and fossil beside the road.

DSC01948 DSC01949 DSC01951



The site area is 30,000㎡, so it takes several minutes to arrive the museum after passing the entrance.

And finally arrives at the parking….!!


This’s the entrance of Dinosaur Museum.

DSC01955 DSC01953

He’s very famous “Dr.Dinosaur” Please don’t miss to take a picture with him…♡


You can buy the ticket from this vending machine♪


Now, let’s explore the museum!!


This escalator is approx. 33m, go down to the B1 floor from 3rd (entrance)floor.

You can rent voice guide system. (540yen) English, Chinese and Korean are available.

Please ask for help to the staff near this sign board.







This museum is so huge exhibition room as 4500㎡, and this “Dinosaur hall” is shaped like a dome without any supports.

DSC01966 DSC02021 DSC02022

This room has more than real-size 40 mounted dinosaur skeletons.

DSC01984 DSC01985  DSC02030

DSC01993  DSC01997  DSC02003

Some of them include the real bones.

As seeing them, you’ll feel as if you had been transported through time to dinosaur period.

Aside from the skeletons, there’re diorama, movies, panel exhibition and they attract all visitors.







This fossils are found in the USA, and transfered to here Katsuyama.

This skeleton is consisted from more than 90 % of the original fossil materials.


It’s really precious skeleton.

DSC01992 DSC01991

Unlike other skeletons, it’s supported by many iron poles.


This is the real bone of head.

It’s so sensitive and displayed in the glass case .


All procedures such as cleaning, repairing, research and reconstruct had done by this museum  independently.


These dinosaur were named after Fukui.

DSC02008 DSC02009

DSC02005 DSC02006

DSC02011 DSC02012




「Fossil cleaning room」

You can see how researchers get the fossil from the rock.



「Cafe&restaurant Dino 」

You can eat Japanese dishes, Western dishes and snacks like hamburger.

Of course you can enjoy Fukui gourmet like Sauce katsudon, buckwheat noodle.

DSC02034 DSC02035 DSC02036


「FUKUI brand shop」

It opens only weekend and holidays.

You can buy variety souvenirs of Fukui include the goods of official mascot of dinosaur  ”Juratic”, and hello kitty Fukui ver.


DSC02038 DSC02039  DSC02041

DSC02042 DSC02043


「Souvenir&Curiosity DINO STORE 」

You can get the great treasure such as real fossil, specimen. If you’re the big fan of Dinosaurs, you can’t miss it♡

Aside from that, there are fashion items such as T-shirts, bag, and stationery and stuffed animals♪

P1020085 P1020086 P1020087




This huge museum attract all people not only children but also adults.

It’s a little far from central Fukui, but is’s really worthy.

If you visit Fukui, why don’t enjoy the time travel to 4,600,000,000 years ago?




open: 9:00AM~5:00PM (No entry after 04:00p.m.)

Closed; 2nd & 4th Wednessday, Dec.29~Jan.2

Admission fee; Primary/seconary students  600yen, High school/College students 410yen, Adult 720yen

Access; [by car]  Approx 40minutes from Fukui kita I.C o Maruoka I.C. on Hokuriku expressway

 [by train] Get off JR Fukui station and transfer to Echizen Railway “Eiheiji Katsuyama line” bound for Katsuyama (1hour)

Get off Katsuyama station and catch taxi there (10 minutes)

Web site;

↑ Please check the schedule and limited exhibition ♪



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