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Weeping Cherry blossom that attract 70,000people♡

It’ s middle of April, and Cherry blossoms start falling.

But I can recommend nice place to see cherry blossom at this time!!


(↑ It says “Weeping cherry blossom festival” )


The place is “Takekurabe park” in Takeda area.

The Weeping cherry tree festival has been held from 9th until 23rd April, and we can enjoy the light up during the festival.

DSC02807 DSC02809

I visited there on weekday, but it was crowded by many people who want to see beautiful cherry blossom.


Takeda area is located the east end of Sakai city, Fukui. It’ near to Ishikawa prefecture.

It took about 40minutes from central Fukui to Takekurabe park.  (20minutes by car from Maruoka I.C. on Hokuriku expressway.)


This park is surrounded by mountains, and  it turned pink with many cherry blossoms.

There are 600 weeping cherry blossoms tree in Takeda area, and about 120 trees in here  Takekurabe park.

DSC02809 DSC02759 DSC02763

DSC02764 DSC02766 DSC02768

Flower covers whole tree and i can’t see the trunk of a tree.

Cherry blossom almost touch the ground.


This is the most famous spot, pink tunnel.


You can walk under the tunnel. It really dynamic & beautiful. Fantastic・・・‼


Someone told me that if it’s just before full bloom, it’s best time to do HANAMI・・・♡

Because the flower bud is deeper pink than bloomed flower.


If it’s on full bloom, it seems lighter pink.


Other kind of cherry blossom start falling. It’s going to be the pink carpet.

DSC02790 DSC02774



You can buy some foods like Dengaku, Sakura Mochi (Cherry blossom flavor rice cake) and Bento (Box lunch).

DSC02794 DSC02798



Takekurabe park is  well known as the multiple leisure space that you can enjoy camping, barbecue and play in the river.

Athletics made by trees ♪

DSC02802 DSC02803

Secret base for children.

DSC02780 DSC02778 DSC02777

The water is clear, and the river is shallow. It’s nice to play here.





Why don’t you visit here quiet Takeda area, and see lovely flowers?♡







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