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Bohol Island Vol.3

(Please check tge previous post “Bohol island Vol.2“)


The next day, we had booked the dolphin watching.

We can see dolphins only in the early morning, and our apointed time was 6:30.

Before that, we saw the sunrise from the beach.

DSCN1010 DSCN1013 DSCN1017

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the sunrise from horizon due to the cloud, but it was still amazing.

It strongly glittered in an orange color like a sunset, and it turned to the white light little by little.

We just saw it for a while.


The boat directly came to the private beach, and we don’t need to move to the port.

DSCN1027 DSCN1032

It took about 30 minutes to the dolphin watching point from our hotel.

There were many boats waiting dolphins.

DSCN1036 DSCN1037

We heard that the rate that we can see dolphin is 98% , and we were sure that we can see them.

We looked for them from boats…..and suddenly, someone gave a glad shout!

All boat rushed to the point.

It wasn’t as many as a herd of dolphins, but we could see them jumping on the sea♡

DSCN1045 DSCN1046

Since that, we saw dolphins several times.

It was worthy to wake up early.


After dolphin watching, we moved to Balicasag island.

DSCN1055 DSCN1051

It’s 50minutes far from dolphin watching point by boat.

Balicasang island is famous for sea turtle watching and virgin island,

but it’s not very well-known place yet.

Arrived at this island, and we started snorkeling soon.

DSCN1061 DSCN1067 DSCN1069

The water under the sea was transparent and we could see many washes and corals clearly.

DSCN1076 DSCN1080

We found big sea turtle. I followed him and swim with him for a while.

The sea turtle swim with grace and faster than I expected.

DSCN1087 DSCN1089 DSCN1093

DSCN1099 DSCN1070

We really enjoy the adventure under the sea.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go to virgin island because we had to check out by 12:00.

So, we went back to the hotel and all of us slept on the way…..


As the last lunch, we went “Bee Farm”.


It’s very popular and famous for organic restaurant.

They have their own farm and all vegetables used for dishes are from there farm.

The location is also great. It faces to the ocean and we can see the beautiful emerald green ocean along the restaurant.

P1010491 P1010492 P1010500


We ordered salad, pasta and pizza. It taste really good.

P1010501 P1010502


Our short trip was finished with satisfaction.

I really recommend Bohol island. I cannot forget the scenery all I saw in this trip.

I’d like to visit there again some day!!





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