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Yokokan Garden beloved by Samurai

We went to Yokokan garden which highly each year in the Japanese Garden Rankings of the Ameirican Journal of Japanese Gardening.♥

My sister put me our Kimono and we went there wearing the Kimono!!(picture was taken by my fater)

着付け 村上姉妹 着物

Once the seconds residence of the Matsudaira clan, the feudallords of Fukui long ago and the garden was called”Osensui yashiki”at that time.

Its Shoin architecture and garden are considered valuable examples of famous from the middle of the Edo area(1603-1868). Unfortunately the garden was burned by the air raid of the world war 2,it  was restored and opening to the pubic in 1993.

Yokokan garden is nationally designed as a place of scenic beauty .

Actually,  Yokokan garden is really near to our elementary school and when were child.

(At that time the garden was’t restored and we can go to inside freely.)

Yokokan garden is about 10 minutes walk from the Fukui station.

There is parking for the Yokokan garden and it’s free!!

養浩館 駐車場

We can get in side from the west gate near the parking. This is the west gate↓↓

養浩館 養浩館

This is the east gate↓

養浩館 養浩館営業時間

The entrance fee is 210yen(adult),groupe for 160yen.

Under the junior high school students can enter free!So kind!!!

Because we wore the Kimono, we could enter there by group price(160yen)

More detail click here

Let’s enter the garden!!!


There is a big pond center of the garden.

養浩館 養浩館 着物

養浩館 着物 養浩館 着物

There are many green and clam wind.

養浩館 着物

It’s Shoin architecture standing on the pond♬

養浩館  養浩館 

These beautiful stone is called “Anto” delivered from Mikuni.

養浩館 着物

This  stone bridge is made from only one big natural stone and it’s also so valuable!!!

養浩館 着物

We can enter the architecture♬

養浩館 着物

This is Japanese veranda.With a ledge facing the pond, you can see the carp swimming in the pond.

養浩館 着物 養浩館

This is reception room called”Zashiki”

Next room(Otukimi no ma)you can try the tea ceremony(green tea and taste delicious treats).

The price is additional 500yen♬

養浩館 着物

There are traditional Japanese bath and sauna.


With the beautiful garden we were exciting~♬

養浩館 着物 養浩館 着物

How do you like it??

We can enjoy seasonal beautiful view, cherry blossom in the spring,green and Kakitsubata flower in the summer,red coler of leaves in autumn and snowing in winter.

養浩館 着物

After all please check our youtube movie here♥Thank you♥♥













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