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370 years Historical Cherry blossom in Asuwa shrine ♪

Mt. Asuwa is located in the center of Fukui city, its height is only 116m.

It’s also selected as the one of “Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites”,

and more than 3500 cherry blossom trees bloom.

During it’s blooming, light up make the wondrous sights.


This’s Asuwa shrine, whose weeping cherry tree (Shidare zakura) is really famous♪

DSC02546 DSC02529

Asuwa shrine was built in the end of 5A.C. so this shrine has been here more than 1500years.

Asuwa shrine is believed to  prosperous business, safe childbirth, school success and traffic safety.

Lot of people visit to pray something.



If you worship at a shrine, you can find very huge  weeping cherry tree.

DSC02524 DSC02530

I haven’t seen such a huge cherry blossom tree before.

DSC02521 DSC02523

The height is 12m and it’s over 370 years old‼ Amazing‼


This tree has overcome some difficulties like earth quake, big fire and heavy snow with Fukui citizen.

It has been designated as the Fukui city’s natural treasure.

A lot of pillars support the tree and we realize that this’s really old.




There’re more than 3500 cherry blossom trees all over the Mt. Asuwa.

DSC02547 DSC02558 DSC02548

In Mt. Asuwa, there’re some tea houses instead of street stalls,

and you can enjoy variety foods include Dango (dumpling), Soba (buckwheat noodle), ice cream♪

DSC02549 DSC02553

DSC02551 DSC02552



Please visit here and enjoy HANAMI with Dango♡








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