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❀No.1 scale of cherry blossom trees in Asuwa river❀

Asuwa river is very famous HANAMI spot in Fukui, that is one of ”Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites”♡!!

More than 600 cherry blossom trees are planted along the Asuwa river, and it lasts almost 2.2㎞❀

To tell the truth, both amount & distance of cherry blossom here are not No.1 in Japan, but each trees are old and huge.

That’s why here is the No.1 scale cherry blossom.



Every April, many street stalls open , and light up in the night. (Usually form 1st Apr. ~ around 20th Apr.)

Especially, a lot of visitor from another place came to see cherry blossom on the weekend by tourism bus♪


In this year, it bloomed earlier than usual due to the warm weather.

Cherry blossoms got full bloom on 2nd April♡!!

Pink tunnel lasts so far….!

DSC02355 DSC02373 DSC02357

There are many street stalls  during cherry blossom blooms♪

A lot of people enjoy HANAMI from the morning to the night.

DSC02360 DSC02367

One thing that surprised me is there’re no trash boxes here but it really clean.

People return the trash to street stalls which they bought something from them, or people bring back trash by themselves to there home.

All people cooperate to keep the beautiful scenery here♪


Off course, there are toilet and hand washing place.

DSC02366 DSC02368

There’re temporary parking area,  but I recommend to walk from Fukui station along the Asuwa river.

( It takes only 10 minutes and landscape is really good!!)




You can relax just seeing or walking under the cherry blossoms.

Here is our recommend place to do HANAMI ♡




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