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Fukui Castle Ruins

Fukui castle was build in 1600 by Yuki Hideyasu.

It was burned down in a great fire in 1669.



The Fukui castle ruins are far from 2 minutes by walk from JR Fukui station.

It’s famous for the beautiful cherry blossom.

I took these pictures on 2nd Apr, 2016, and they were almost on full bloom.

DSC02185 DSC02180


Now the Fukui prefectural office and the Prefectural Police Head Office are locating in the ruins.

DSC02194  DSC02200


This’s a reconstruction of Fukui castle.

The moat and stone walls are remained until now.



Statue of Yuki Hideyasu



Castle tower  had been built here.

The height was 28m and it had 5 level.

DSC02213 DSC02206

DSC02232 DSC02209 DSC02225


This ruins are surrounded by cherry blossom.

DSC02217 DSC02216


Within the castle the fuku-no-i (“Good Luck”) well still remains and this is thought to have given the name to the present city.

“Fuku-no-i (“Good Luck”) “

The well that is called Fuku-no-i still remains here. It’s very deep well, its depth is 5.7mand water level was 1.9m.

People believe that Fukui was named after this well.





It’s good place to walk around, and if you see cherry blossoms from this chair, you might feel like a Shogun of 400 years ago♪




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