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Nishiyama park -The most famous HANAMI place in Sabae-

Nishiyama park is the most famous park in Sabae city.

(Access : 15 minutes on foot from JR Sabae Station/5 minutes by car from Sabae IC on Hokuriku Expressway)


It’s known for more than 6500 Azaleas that blooms at the beginning of May.

Every year, Azalea festival is held on 3rd to 5th May.


This’s Azalea flavor ice cream. You can enjoy it year round♥




However, the cherry blossom in this park is as famous as Azalea.

DSC02395 DSC02400 DSC02427

DSC02399 DSC02437    DSC02467

There’re almost 1000 cherry blossom trees.

The pink trees surround the huge lawn area.


Chocotan with cherry blossom♥


This fountain is one of the symbol of this park. It’s beautifully illuminated in winter.




This’s the roadside station that newly opened last year.

DSC02388 DSC02499

The various local products like rice, vegetables, sweets are sold here.

DSC02502 DSC02504 DSC02505



Also, Nishiyama park has small zoo‼ You can enjoy it for free.


There’re some kind of birds, monkeys but the most popular animal here is red panda.

DSC02410 DSC02414

You can meet lovely 10 red pandas.

DSC02426 DSC02418 DSC02420



Nishiyama park is really huge, the whole area is 56Ha.

There’re also Japanese garden, called ”Kyouyou garden”.


DSC02451 DSC02453 DSC02455





Nishiyama park attract many people with Cherry blossom, Azalea, Red leaves and snow through year.

You can feel Japanese four seasons in this park.



Choctan was tired of walking…..♡




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